Collaboration Services

Online environments can become vital spaces for instructors, students, and TAs to exchange resources and ideas. Email us to get help establishing yourself in any of them.  Our services include:

  • Blogs: The Blog service supports blogs for teaching, research, library, and university communication activities for the Cornell community.
  • Confluence Wiki: Build a community web site authored and edited by its users.
  • Discussion Boards and E-mail Lists: Facilitate class forums and small chat groups with Blackboard’s built-in tools, email lists, or newsgroups.
  • Web Conferencing:  CIT’s Academic Technologies group can demonstrate and assist you with utilizing a Web conferencing tool (Zoom) to collaborate with groups and classes live over the web with a combination of chat, video chat, desktop sharing, and whiteboarding.
  • Piazza Q&A tool: Piazza allows students to post questions outside of class where faculty or other students can answer them, in a very user-friendly environment. The instructor can control enrollment and can choose whether to allow anonymous questions.

Cornell’s audio/video and academic technologies services help you teach, do research, collaborate, participate, learn, and share without being bound by geography or travel budgets.

  • Video Conferencing Services: Have meetings or group collaborations in real time, face to face, with people who are in different locations.
    • Point-to-Point Videoconferencing: Share your classroom content or presentations, or talk face-to-face between two geographic locations.
    •  Multi-point Videoconferencing: Share your classroom content and presentations, or talk face-to-face between three or more geographic locations.
    • To get assistance in planning and scheduling a point-to-point or multi-site video conference using CIT’s systems and facilities please visit the Video Collaboration Services website.
  • Web Streaming Services: If you need people at different locations to be able to see your symposia, colloquia, or special events, CIT can stream these events via the Internet on a live or archived basis (MediaSite).  To get assistance with planning and scheduling Web streaming, please visit the Video Collaboration Services website.


For immediate support:

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